The Haunting Creator addresses the potential return of Netflix’s horror anthology

While continuing to work on a variety of other projects for the streamer, the haunting creator Mike Flanagan addresses the potential return of Netflix’s horror anthology show. Flanagan first launched the franchise in 2018 The Curse of Hill House, a reimagining of Shirley Jackson’s novel of the same name, with the Flanagan series focusing on the Crane family as they deal with a loss in the family, as well as their troubled past. He would follow it with 2020 The Curse of Bly ManorBased primarily on Henry James’ The turn of the Screw about a young American au pair who is hired to care for two children in the titular haunted mansion.


Both the haunting The installments have garnered widespread critical acclaim, with praise directed at both shows’ writing, directing, atmosphere, and performances by their casts. Though The Curse of Bly Manor was seen by some as a slight step down, due to its lack of scares compared to hill house, the show’s continued success left many hoping for a third installment in the horror anthology series, something that has yet to come as Flanagan focused on other projects. Now, the creative behind the haunting is sharing his thoughts on where he could go next.

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While appearing at a recent press event for the midnight clubvia TV lineMike Flanagan spoke about the potential future of the haunting franchise. The creator/director admitted that he hadn’t thought about the series for a while, as he focused on other projects, but notes that a return of the horror anthology isn’t entirely out of the question. See what Flanagan shared below:

This is the first time it has crossed my mind! Our thing with Haunting is that we always wanted it to be primarily based on a piece of classic horror literature, and ideally something that’s been adapted before and that we can do something different with. When we think of Haunting, we think of authors like [Edgar Allan] poe and [Charles] Dickens, contemporaries who are more in the world of Henry James, Shirley Jackson. The other criteria is that it has to be primarily about ghosts. That question came up with The Fall of the House of Usher because it was based on Poe. It’s just not a ghost story, so there are no ghosts in there. [The Midnight Club] it was always his thing. What makes The Haunting The Haunting, and if and how we can get back to it, is something we talk about quite often because we’ve always left that door open. [But] we don’t want to do it just to do it.

Mike Flanagan’s Successful Netflix Partnership Explained

Flanagan and Netflix have enjoyed a very successful partnership even before The Curse of Hill House‘s premiere, with the streaming platform that acquired his home invasion thriller. Shut just before its premiere at South by Southwest, and the film garnered wide acclaim. The veteran of the horror genre would meet Netflix the following year with an adaptation of Stephen King Gerald’s gamewhich also garnered rave reviews, before releasing the haunting franchise and writing and directing his acclaimed miniseries Midnight mass. Flanagan’s ongoing relationship with Netflix even led to him and Intrepid Pictures partner Trevor Macy signing a first-look deal with the streamer.

Although Flanagan’s comments seem to point to him moving on from the franchise, his note that there are still frequent discussions about more than the haunting It’s sure to be hopeful for fans of Netflix’s horror anthology. As you point out above, there were some thoughts about your upcoming miniseries, The fall of the House of Usher, set within the anthology, though his feelings about not wanting to force it speak volumes about his care for both properties. While the public awaits details on the haunting‘s, you can head over to Netflix to catch up on Flanagan’s latest horror series. the midnight clubso it’s also hoping to get a season 2 renewal.

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