‘The Haunting of Bridge Hollow’ review: Netflix’s Halloween movie

Decor is tired of being sloppy this Halloween season. A restless spirit with evil intentions uses any and all Halloween decorations and animatronics in his path to wreak havoc on a small town. Weather from netflix The curse of Bridge Hollow Shares a similar premise to another newfangled Halloween movie for the whole family this fall, its execution is much more energetic and fun.

The Howards have just moved to the quaint town of Bridge Hollow, just in time for Halloween. That’s excellent news for teenager Sydney (priah ferguson, “Strange things”); Her keen interest in the supernatural means she’s excited to see the entire block decked out in perfectly Halloween-themed lawn displays. Her skeptical father, Howard (marlon wayans), he prefers science to superstition and is much less enthusiastic about the Halloween revelry. It also means that father and daughter struggle to come to terms, often leaving mother Emily (Kelly Rowland) to arbitrate. But when Sydney accidentally unleashes the ghost of Stingy Jack, who creates an army out of Christmas decorations, she’s forced to team up with Dad to save the town.

The curse of Bridge Hollow. (L to R) Marlon Wayans as Howard, Priah Ferguson as Sydney in The Curse of Bridge Hollow. chrome Frank Masi/Netflix © 2022.

Director Jeff Wadlow (“Are you afraid of the dark?,” Howling Wolf) makes the most of the concept of Halloween, from Stingy Jack’s Jack-o-lantern origin story to the quintessential New England fall vibe. hollow bridge it’s most entertaining when it comes to setting pieces around whatever current Halloween decor is on the attack, and luckily that’s pretty often. Howard and Sydney race around town looking for answers on how to break the curse while Stingy Jack races to thwart them. It means a plethora of encounters, from a giant spider siege in a retirement home to a zombie invasion on the lawn.

The basis of the show is the Howard family. Todd Berger Y by Robert Rugan The script tenderly pairs a scientifically-minded cynic with a brooding believer in the occult, forcing them to resolve their differences through the magic of Halloween. Ferguson plays Sydney with a level head that makes her much more adept and navigating fantasy. Wayans is always willing to get a little goofy when Howard is attacked by animatronic clowns, oversized pumpkin men, and more. Rowland also seems to be having a lot of fun as the well-meaning mom desperate to find her niche in healthy baking.

The curse of Bridge Hollow. (L to R) Marlon Wayans as Howard, John Michael Higgins as Principal Floyd, Priah Ferguson as Sydney in The Curse of Bridge Hollow. chrome Frank Masi/Netflix © 2022.

That irreverent sense of fun and Christmas spirit makes hollow bridge so infectious The commitment to the concept, the nostalgic settings, and the cool Halloween animatronics certainly help. What is less effective is the identity of the people. Many Bridge Hollow residents, including Mayor Tammy (Lauren Lapkus) or Principal Floyd (John Michael Higgins), don’t add to the story beyond lending a hand in some Halloween shenanigans. It is through peripheral characters and healthy family ties that the target demographic is most pointed.

In that sense, Wadlow’s latest is the most endearing Halloween movie of the season. The story isn’t totally original or even new, but it ensures that it delivers what it promises: an animated war against a Halloween army. Ferguson and Wayans provide an ingrained interest to keep you interested, even through the dad jokes and the silliest stretches. It’s hard not to be seduced by a family Halloween movie that instills the importance of Halloween while embracing it on a grand scale.

The curse of Bridge Hollow premieres globally on Netflix on October 14, 2022.

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