The Last Airbender needs to get it right

“Everything changed when the Fire Nation attacked.” Katara’s dark words, spoken at the beginning of the story, are not only valid for the world of avatar the last airbender but they are also prophetically accurate in terms of the cultural impact the Nickelodeon series would have. In the span of three seasons, avatar the last airbender continues to captivate audiences, young and old alike.

The series follows the journey of an eleven-year-old boy named Aang. As the reincarnated protector of earth, known as the Avatar, Aang strives to master the four basic elements of water, earth, fire, and air in order to fulfill his destiny, defeat the Fire Nation, and ultimately restore balance to Earth. the planet. The series is packed with gripping action, adequate comedy, and more than its fair share of tearful moments as Aang and his friends embark on the journey of his life.


There is no doubt that avatar the last airbender He possesses a special kind of magic. Although the follow-up series, the legend of korrareceived generally fair reviews, few would compare its impact to that of the original. airbender saga. Even the noted director, M. Night Shyamalan, struggled to bring a new version of The last Airbender to the silver screen. The 2010 film adaptation was universally criticized for its poor adaptation of the beloved series.

Now, Netflix is ​​at the forefront of a new avatar the last airbender project and, fortunately, it seems that they are taking their time. Recent casting announcements they continue to inspire hope that Netflix can finally give fans a live-action adaptation worth watching.

While proper casting is undoubtedly a key part of doing the world of Avatar justice, it’s far from the only ingredient necessary for Netflix to deliver a compelling adaptation of a story that simply demands to be told correctly. Besides earth, water, air and fire, what other elements should the creators of the next Netflix series pay attention to?

excellent pace

Unfortunately, one of Avatar: The Last Airbender greatest strengths is one of the main weaknesses of many big-budget adaptations. The series prefers to take its time, calmly and deliberately establishing the central characters and major events that have shaped the world. For many larger productions, those smaller pieces of world-building broken up over time could be consolidated into one big exposition monologue.

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This approach simply won’t work if the next adaptation hopes to recreate the original’s captivating and timeless appeal. The world of Avatar feels earthy, tangible, and relatable. In part, this is due to the myriad of central and temporary characters speaking and discussing the events of the world at large. The advancement of the Fire Nation is a conversation as common as the weather. Reducing these interactions to a few “knowledge bombs” in an effort to reduce execution time ultimately short-circuits the oppressive and demanding reality facing the general population.

Further away, avatar the last airbender it is fundamentally based on seeing how its main characters adapt and change over time. The series is a perfect example of the classic adage: “Life is a journey, not a destination.” The characters do not rush to advance the plot. Conflicts, both internal and external, are left to simmer for entire seasons and, in some cases, the vast majority of the series. The last Airbender it gives more focus to the moments between moments, the ones that are quiet and subdued, rather than taking the characters to places they aren’t quite ready to go yet.

gripping action

avatar the last airbender approached children’s cartoons with a degree of respect and dignity not seen since the days of Batman: The Animated Series. The show constantly ramps up the action with impressive fight scenes that have been masterfully choreographed. The various elemental ‘masters’ display their full range of physics-defying abilities in unique and relatable ways, garnishing fights with a sense of deep-seated history and culture.

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The Netflix adaptation certainly has high standards to live up to in the quality of action the series can finally pull off.

a lot of heart

In general, children’s shows are known for providing laughter and easy entertainment. Weather avatar the last airbender he certainly excels at both, he also possesses the much rarer ability to bring the viewer to tears. In short, for a program with a target audience of six to eleven, avatar the last airbender is unique among children’s television shows and is full of complexity and emotion not found in many adult shows. Mistakes are made, friendships are tested, and even the bad guys learn a thing or two along the way. Indeed, perhaps the emotional high point of the series revolves around Zuko, the Fire Lord’s disgraced son and one of the series’ central antagonists.

For the Netflix adaptation to be successful, the show needs to be full of heart. We need to care not only about the well-being and goals of Aang and his friends, but about the villains as well. After all, everyone has a story, a motivation, and a reason for being where they are. avatar the last airbender it challenges us to extend that kind of empathy, even to our enemies.

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