The many questions that the Netflix series left us

For lovers of the thriller genre, Devil in Ohio is an ideal Netflix limited series. Created by Daria Polatin, using her novel of the same name as its founding source, this series is not just about invoking fear and suspense in the viewer. Devil in Ohio It has a lot to say about the society in which we live. Even if it’s not even remotely close to the infamous 2009 horror thriller Orphanone could find some similarities between the two main villains of each film.

It is true that Devil in Ohio has received some mixed reviews with Rotten Tomatoes scoring just 50% and IMDb scoring 5.9/10. However, this series is definitely intriguing and has many plot twists that may surprise the viewer. The question is whether this show will get a season 2. While there is no official announcement of its continuation or cancellation, there are some major gaps left by the show.


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suzanne’s past

Suzanne (Emily Deschanel) is the protagonist who won everyone’s hearts at first, but then makes some questionable decisions. When this character is introduced, we notice two crucial elements; one is the scar on her wrist, which is similar to Mae’s; and the second is her obvious bias towards Mae (Madeleine Arthur). During the last part of the show, Suzanne revisits her past and talks about the abuse she and her mother had to face at the hands of her stepfather. She explains how she got the scar and goes on to illustrate why she likes Mae so much.

What remains undiscussed, however, are Suzanne’s nightmares or images of her running around in a white nightgown and climbing a tree. This strangely resembles the nightgown Mae was wearing when she ran away. Also, there seems to be some connection between Mae’s background and the images of Suzanne. Unfortunately, the series doesn’t explore this or give a clear answer to what Suzanne’s images mean.

Mae’s obsession with Suzanne

Mae is able to fool the audience from the beginning of the story. So it’s not surprising to her that Suzanne goes out of her way to treat Mae like her own daughter. Unfortunately, this leads to the breakup of Suzanne’s family. At the end of the series, Suzanne lives with Mae while her husband and her children live in a separate apartment. What’s worse is that Mae has executed a perfect plan to make sure Suzanne is all hers. Of course, Mae’s abnormal obsession with Suzanne is highlighted from the moment she starts “praying” to the devil. What remains open, however, is why Mae is obsessed with Suzanne in particular.

In fact, if one were to revisit the beginning of the series, one might notice the other nice people in the hospital. Why Mae chose Suzanne is not answered. She may have known that Suzanne’s past trauma would make her vulnerable, or perhaps she discovered that Suzanne was the mother she always wanted. Either way, the season finale makes the audience assume that maybe Mae had a better reason for her obsession with Suzanne, since this character is someone who seems to be making decisions with clear intentions.

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Mae’s brother Noah

Mae makes constant references to her brother, Noah (Keenan Tracey). Since he didn’t try to save her from her cult and she tried to save him, there are so many questions about what happened between these brothers in the past. The only thing clear about Noah is that he is interested in following in his father’s footsteps and making sure his cult is “saved.”

Noah enters the series when he tries to kidnap Jules (Xaria Dotson). Although Mae avoids this, we see Noah at the end trying to make sure Mae sacrifices herself for Satan. During their fight, Mae mentions how she tried to save him. This opens the question that something big must have happened between these two brothers. However, it is clear that Mae loves her brother.

Another question is what is Noah’s role in the cult. Since his father Malachi (Tahmoh Penikett) is the leader of the cult, it’s obvious that Noah will have a prominent role in the group. What he’s preparing for, though, is a question the series doesn’t answer.

How the cult really works

The devil worshiping cult that Mae is a part of and apparently escapes from is super mysterious that it leaves viewers with so many questions. On the one hand, this particular cult called “Sliocht a Diabhail” o “The Devil’s Own” seems to be super rich and also has powers within the society. How they have these powers and who, from society, is part of this cult remains unanswered.

Throughout the series there are various references to the cult’s rituals and history, but the show does not delve into them. The question of how powerful it is seems to come up quite often. One might even wonder why Mae refuses to abandon the cult’s beliefs and rituals after all. Furthermore, it is also questionable whether this cult actually possesses any supernatural elements.

The series also ends with the question of where the cult is, as they are never brought to justice.

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