Turkey’s finance chief touts new policies amid extensive US diplomacy

Treasury and Finance Minister Nureddin Nebati and an accompanying delegation participated in the investor forum organized by Standard Chartered in Washington on Thursday, where they described the financial applications put to use in Türkiye and the country’s strong investment potential in the framework of the “Türkiye Model Economy”. .”

Nebati was in the US to attend the G-20 meeting of finance ministers and central bank governors, as well as the annual meetings of international organizations, where he conducted comprehensive financial diplomacy.

Sharing a statement on his Twitter account, Nebati said that the meetings with the main representatives of the banks and investors were “very positive”.

“We conveyed the applications that we put to use and the strong investment potential of our country within the framework of the Turkish economic model,” he added.

Earlier, the minister also met with representatives of the US-Türkiye Business Council and executives of leading companies in the US.

“At the meeting where we assess the overall picture of the Turkish economy, we also briefed top executives of US companies on the steps we have taken to improve the investment environment and direct investments in our country,” he said.

As part of their bilateral meetings, Nebati met with the head of the European Council Development Bank (AKKB), Carlo Monticelli, the German Minister of Finance, Christian Lindner, the Minister of Finance of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Nicolás Kazadi, the vice president of AfrEximbank, Denys Denya, and the Minister of Economy of Argentina. Serge Masa.

“In the meeting that we held with my Argentine counterpart, we extensively discussed our economic and commercial relations and exchanged points of view on the steps that can be taken in the next period,” Nebati said.

Nebati also said that they had a very productive meeting with Goldman Sachs senior executives in which they discussed global macroeconomic developments and described the opportunities offered by the Turkish economy and its strong investment potential.

Under the economic program, dubbed the “Türkiye Economic Model,” the government prioritizes low interest rates to boost exports, output and investment, with the aim of reducing inflation and turning the country’s chronic current account deficits into a surplus

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