Twitter reacts to SNL Try Guys Sketch

“Saturday Night Live” is facing backlash due to a Try Guys parody skit that aired during the October 8 episode hosted by Brendan Gleeson. The skit skewered a recent video that the boys, Eugene Lee Yang, Zach Kornfeld, and Keith Habersberger, posted explaining their decision to fire their fourth member, Ned Fulmer, after it was revealed that he was having an affair in the workplace. While the skit makes light of the trio’s response to their friend and co-worker’s infidelity, Twitter users criticize the NBC series for targeting the remaining Try Guys instead of Fulmer. (POPSUGAR reached out to Try Guys representatives for comment on the sketch, but did not receive an immediate response.)

In the skit, Bowen Yang, Mikey Day, and Andrew Dismukes play Yang, Kornfeld, and Habersberger, who appear in a breaking news segment on CNN hosted by Gleeson, who appears as a reporter well-versed in the drama. Meanwhile, Ego Nwodim plays a bewildered host who doesn’t understand why the Try Guys’ situation is newsworthy.

“It’s obviously an evolving story, but CNN can confirm that the Try Guys have released an official Youtube video applauding ex-Try Guy Ned Fulmer, the man in handcuffs, Try Guy,” says Gleeson in reference to Fulmer cheating on his wife. Ariel Fulmer. Day replies, “Worse, he committed the heinous act of consensually kissing and not telling his friends.”

Twitter users were quick to come to the Try Guys’ defense after the skit aired. an user tweeted“I shouldn’t care that much but snl is making an attempt at guys where they make fun of NOT Ned but the other three for holding him responsible for all their sh*t and feeling hurt about it it’s so disgusting as please tell me more about what funny you think it’s a man who cheats on his wife with his employee”. another addition“This feels reductionist from a situation where there was a huge power imbalance in an unethical relationship in the workplace. Not to mention that the families, employees and friends hurt by this now have to see their pain spread.” trivializes for a parody”. weird.”

As several Try Guys fans pointed out, the “SNL” spoof glossed over the larger issue of the power imbalance that existed between Fulmer and associate producer Alex Herring, with whom he had an affair. “This Try Guy sketch on #SNL started out fun,” a Twitter user wrote. “Then he got mean for no reason. Whoever wrote it definitely missed the whole ‘Ned almost destroyed the entire company and risked getting sued for sexual misconduct’ angle.”

For their part, the Try Guys seemed to have handled the real-life situation quickly by prioritizing the well-being of their employees. “All of that information was as shocking to us as it has been to you this week,” the boys said in the Oct. 3 video statement parodied by “SNL.” “And so began a three-week process of engaging with employment lawyers, corporate lawyers, human resources, public relations and more to make sure we were taking all the necessary steps. From the beginning, we were well aware of how contrary this was to the values โ€‹โ€‹of the company we have built and those of everyone who works here. This is something we take very seriously. We refuse to sweep things under the rug. That is not who we are and it is not what we stand for “.

Image Source: Will Heath/NBC

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