Watch Netflix in Full HD in the Firefox browser

Are you paying for Full HD streaming to Netflix and yet it doesn’t play in 1080p?

It’s because, for some stupid reasons best known to streaming services like Netflix, they don’t stream Full HD content in the Firefox browser. Not on Linux, not on Windows, not on any other operating system.

You can check it by pressing Ctrl+Alt+Shift+D while playing Netflix in Firefox but NOT in full screen mode.

netflix won't play full hd firefox
Netflix streaming in 720p

Do not despair. There is a way to stream Netflix in 1080p. Let me show you how.

Enabling Full HD streaming in Firefox with extension

There is a third-party extension created by a unique developer that allows you to stream Netflix in Full HD (1080p) in the Firefox browser.

The extension includes a “bundled version of Netflix’s Playercore, which is then modified to include additional profiles depending on what you select in the options and re-enable bitrate menu toggle.”

Go to the extension page in Firefox and click “Add to Firefox”

netflix firefox extension 1080p
Netflix 1080p extension for Firefox

When you click the “Add to Firefox” option, you should see a popup like the one below. Click the Add button here.

adding netflix 1080p firefox extension
Add Netflix 1080p extension

Once the extension is added, restart firefox.

Now when you play Netflix content, it should be streamed in Full HD i.e. 1080p.

Verify it’s. Play something on Netflix, don’t go full screen, press Ctrl+Alt+Shift+D to get streaming stats. You should notice the improved quality now.

netflix playing full hd on firefox
Check the quality of the transmission with the keys Ctrl+Alt+Shift+D

Press the same keys again to get rid of the stat overlay.

You should also see an HD tag next to the content in browse mode.

netflix playing full hd firefox
Netflix now displays content in 1080 pixels (1080 is now HD, 720p is SD)

This extension only works for Netflix. Does NOT work with Amazon Prime Video, Diseny+ and other streaming services.

also that will not play Netflix in ultra HD (UHD or 4K). I have a laptop with a 4K screen. While playing ultra HD content in MS Edge browser on Windows 11, it was stuck at 1080p even with the extension.

I hope that the developer of the extension will also bring the 4K feature.


I don’t know why Firefox couldn’t do this on its own when a lone developer did it by creating an extension. Maybe some kind of legal problem.

What puzzles me is why the streaming services ignore Firefox and other “unofficial browsers”. Netflix plays Full HD on Edge on Windows but not on Edge on Linux or other operating systems. Similarly, Netflix streams Full HD in Chrome on ChromeOS but not on Linux.

And Mozilla, with all its might, couldn’t convince Netflix and these streaming services to bring high-quality streaming to its flagship browser. It’s no wonder that Firefox sees a continued decline.

Complaints aside, I hope this helps you play Netflix in Full HD on Firefox. If it works for you too, let me know in the comments.

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