Why Netflix won’t cancel Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s show

Ever since Meghan Markle and Prince Harry signed their $100 million deal with Netflix, people have been curious about what kind of content the controversial couple will produce. Due to Meghan and Harry’s explosive interviews with everyone from Oprah Winfrey to new york magazineInsiders have been speculating that the upcoming Harry docuseries and the couple’s documentary series will put the Royal Family, including Harry’s brother Prince William and father King Charles, under heavy fire. However, since Harry and Meghan attended Queen Elizabeth’s funeral, some experts say Harry is beginning to consider not continuing with either of them. However, according to a key Royal insider, as they say in Hollywood, the show must go on.


Some insiders have said the Sussexes are considering shelving their Netflix docuseries, or at least delaying them heavily after Queen Elizabeth’s death. Some say it’s because the pair are nervous about airing dirty laundry, while others say the streaming giant is concerned there is a “lack of content” behind the move.

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However, Kinsey Schofield, a podcast host and real commentator, tells Daily Express that the show will “inevitably hit the streaming platform,” because Netflix will be “humiliated” if it doesn’t because of the massive amount of money they paid the couple.


Even if the couple is against it, the show must go on, she says. “Netflix has invested too much in the Sussexes for this project to be shelved. Harry and Meghan may not love the final product, but it will inevitably make it to the streaming platform,” Schofield said.

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“The streaming giant would be humiliated if nothing ever came to fruition with their partnership,” he continued. “The Sussexes made a ridiculous amount of money from their relationship with Netflix and the hype around their content hasn’t stopped,” Schofield said.

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However, another insider, Neil Sean, told Fox Business that Netflix is ​​trying to delay the release. “In this docu-series, a very good source told me the bottom line is there’s just not enough content. They’re not allowed to use footage from the Queen’s state funeral, and you have a bit of when they did.” came for the Platinum Jubilee,” he said.

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